When cooking have you wanted to change things up but don’t want to waste food?  Been out of something and want to substitute a baking ingredient? I have found some really good resources to help take out some of the guess-work out of alternatives and substitutes?

I have found some nice poster style pages on Pinterest that help you with substituting ingredients, measurements and such.

My Recipes: Substitute – Pinterest Board holds them for safe keeping. Using sugar alternatives is something I’ve done in the past. Replacing brown rice syrup for sugar is one such remedy. What about baking? Here is another Pinterest Pin  chart for baking substitutes.

This Way Too Cool!
This Is Way Too Cool!

If you hang around this blog you will find I like Pinterest. This isn’t intended to be an advertisement. Just a quick tip to share about the organizational uses of using the boards to bookmark pages that are interesting and relevant to you.
So, I’ve thought, how I can use this chart to be the most helpful.

  1. I’ve thought about printing and laminating them and keeping them handy in the kitchen.
  2. I could add them to my Homemaking Control Journal
  3. If I am lucky enough to have a tablet then I could use it in the kitchen for easy access.

Three ideas and I didn’t even break a sweat! Organizing, cooking, homemaking are all simple to do and make your life easier. I’m a fan of tips and tricks that create a shortcut or save time.

Finding an alternative can be fun.  You can create something new and all your own. Be sure to consider the switch in terms of structure to the original batter and consistency. Too thin or too thick, not moist enough or too moist can foul up the finished product.

Do you use a substitute in a recipe that your family prefers to the original ingredient? Have you taken a recipe and created a new one using alternatives?

Would you share it with me? Leave it in the comments below.

If you have the recipe posted online, leave a link and I will Pin It to my recipes board.


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